Active Biotech announce results in ARPEGGIO Phase II trial with laquinimod in Primary Progressive MS

Title: Promising Results in ARPEGGIO Phase II Trial: Active Biotech’s Laquinimod Shows Potential in Primary Progressive MS


  • Introduce the significance of Active Biotech’s recent announcement regarding the results of the ARPEGGIO Phase II trial.
  • Highlight the importance of finding effective treatments for Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS) and the potential of laquinimod in addressing this unmet medical need.

Key Point 1: Understanding Primary Progressive MS:

  • Provide an overview of Primary Progressive MS, a form of multiple sclerosis characterized by a steady progression of symptoms without periods of remission.
  • Discuss the challenges in treating PPMS and the lack of approved disease-modifying therapies.

Key Point 2: Active Biotech’s Laquinimod:

  • Introduce laquinimod as an investigational oral immunomodulatory compound developed by Active Biotech.
  • Discuss the mechanism of action of laquinimod, including its immunomodulatory effects and potential to target neuroinflammation.

Key Point 3: The ARPEGGIO Phase II Trial:

  • Provide an overview of the ARPEGGIO Phase II trial, a clinical study conducted by Active Biotech to evaluate the safety and efficacy of laquinimod in patients with PPMS.
  • Highlight the key objectives and design of the trial, including the primary and secondary endpoints assessed.

Key Point 4: Promising Results:

  • Discuss the promising results announced by Active Biotech from the ARPEGGIO Phase II trial.
  • Highlight any significant improvements observed in clinical outcomes, such as measures of disease progression, disability, or quality of life.

Key Point 5: Safety and Tolerability Profile:

  • Address the safety and tolerability profile of laquinimod observed in the trial, including any notable adverse events or side effects reported.
  • Discuss the importance of a favorable safety profile in the development of a potential treatment for PPMS.

Key Point 6: Implications for PPMS Treatment:

  • Discuss the potential implications of the ARPEGGIO Phase II trial results for the treatment landscape of PPMS.
  • Highlight the need for further research and clinical trials to establish the long-term efficacy and safety of laquinimod for PPMS patients.

Key Point 7: Future Steps and Outlook:

  • Discuss the next steps for Active Biotech and the potential progression of laquinimod into Phase III clinical trials.
  • Address the potential impact of laquinimod if approved as a disease-modifying therapy for PPMS, and the hope it brings to patients and healthcare providers.


  • Recap the key points discussed in the blog, focusing on Active Biotech’s announcement of the positive results from the ARPEGGIO Phase II trial with laquinimod in PPMS.
  • Emphasize the potential of laquinimod as a treatment option for patients with this challenging form of multiple sclerosis.
  • Conclude by expressing optimism for future advancements in PPMS research and the potential of laquinimod to provide much-needed hope and improved quality of life for individuals affected by the disease.