Custom chemistry. Chemistry FTE. Resynthesis.

Title: Unleashing the Potential of Custom Chemistry, Chemistry FTE, and Resynthesis in Drug Discovery


  • Introduce the critical role of custom chemistry, Chemistry FTE, and resynthesis in the field of drug discovery.
  • Highlight the significance of these key factors in addressing challenges and accelerating the development of novel therapeutic compounds.
  • Emphasize the potential of custom chemistry, Chemistry FTE, and resynthesis in enhancing the efficiency, quality, and success rate of drug discovery efforts.

Key Point 1: Custom Chemistry: Tailoring Solutions for Drug Discovery:

  • Define custom chemistry as a specialized approach that allows for tailored synthesis of unique chemical compounds.
  • Discuss the importance of custom chemistry in drug discovery, enabling the creation of diverse compound libraries tailored to specific therapeutic targets.
  • Highlight how custom chemistry aids in the exploration of novel chemical space and the identification of potentially effective drug candidates.

Key Point 2: Chemistry FTE: Empowering Drug Discovery Teams:

  • Explain the concept of Chemistry Full Time Equivalents (FTE) as a dedicated team of chemists overseeing the synthesis and optimization of drug compounds.
  • Discuss the significance of Chemistry FTE in drug discovery, including their expertise in designing efficient synthetic routes, optimizing reaction conditions, and troubleshooting synthesis issues.
  • Highlight the pivotal role of Chemistry FTE in accelerating drug development timelines and increasing the success rate of compound optimization.

Key Point 3: Resynthesis: Enhancing the Quality and Yield of Drug Compounds:

  • Define resynthesis as the process of recreating a compound from its original synthesis to improve its quality, purity, and yield.
  • Discuss the importance of resynthesis in drug discovery, addressing challenges such as impurities, low yields, and reaction optimization.
  • Highlight how resynthesis enables the improvement of compound quality and quantity, leading to increased efficacy, safety, and overall pharmacological properties.

Key Point 4: Synergistic Benefits of Custom Chemistry, Chemistry FTE, and Resynthesis:

  • Explore the collaborative power of custom chemistry, Chemistry FTE, and resynthesis in drug discovery.
  • Discuss how custom chemistry provides the foundation for synthesizing novel compounds, Chemistry FTE optimizes their synthesis and characterization, and resynthesis enhances their quality and yield.
  • Highlight how the synergistic combination of these factors maximizes the potential for identifying and optimizing effective drug candidates.


  • Recap the significance of custom chemistry, Chemistry FTE, and resynthesis in the field of drug discovery.
  • Emphasize their collective power in delivering innovative and efficient solutions for developing therapeutic compounds.
  • Highlight the need for continued investment and collaboration in custom chemistry, Chemistry FTE, and resynthesis to address emerging challenges and unlock new possibilities in drug discovery.